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First two HP's done. The Force is with me.

So I finished the first two UK Harry Potter novels, and they're as fun - if not more so - as I remembered them. Reading them as an adult has had its advantages, the major one being that my attention span has increased a lot: I'm able to read a lot more without wandering off, mentaly. As such, I finished the books rather quickly.

That said, my break from A Song of Ice And Fire is finished, and I've started reading a Clash of Kings (5 chapters in already). Seems very intriguing so far, especially the red comet up in the sky; what's that all about?

I've also got me the Star Wars Blu-Ray Boxset, and while I'm still finishing my LoTR discs, I haven't got the time to take a look at them. I'll post my impressions later. It seems there's been a bit of furore surrounding some changes done to the original trilogy ("Nooooooooooooo!").

But I'm too casual a Star Wars fan to really care, in all honesty. 


- Nils

"A Game of Thrones" All done.

Finished the first book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.

I had a lot of fun reading it. By my standards however it was pretty heavy litterature, so I'm taking a break from it. In the meanwhile, I've started reading the UK release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. 

But it was great. Dark, epic and sinister. Here's to the rest of HBO's series being as good (and A Clash of Kings).

First post. Fantasy literature ahoy.

So I decided it's time I start a little blog. 

I'm Nils. I'm a twenty year old male physics and astronomy student. I live in Dendermonde, Belgium. My hobbies  include, in order of importance: games, computing, film, tv, and reading. 

Many years ago and in somewhat recent times also, I got into a habit of starting blogs about my gaming life. Video games were, in the early stages of my life my singular hobby. As such, for a long time I kept perceiving it as such, while I actually had already moved on to other forms of entertainment. As such, due to the more varried hobbies as well as not having enough time on my hands to keep track of all the new tidbits in gaming land, all of these blogs, which I will not link to here, died a pretty fast death.

I've decided to start a livejournal. It seems like a suitable place for me to talk about pretty much everything in life, not just games. It's text-based as well. In the past I dabbled in video blogging (or vlogging, take your pick). This was, however, a very time-consuming process, and not really worth my while.

You might ask why I'm starting a blog, when all previous attempts have failed. Honestly: no idea. I just need a place to say my peace every now and then. Who knows, maybe some people care.

So anyway;

I turned twenty years old recently. Weeks beforehand I asked my parents whether they could get me some books for my birthday.

The first book is A Dance With Dragons, although I have yet to read the preceding novels. Based on what I've read in A Game of Thrones (80% done) I like the series a whole lot, so I decided to take the plunge and buy it early. The books really appeal to me because of their dark tone, it's very different from what you see in regular fantasy. 

It also happens that the HBO series premieres here in Flanders tonight (as of writing it starts in one hour). So I get to see the series after reading the book. I'm very excited!

On the other side of the fantasy genre, I've also got the English Harry Potter book collection - Dutch is my native language - and I can't wait to see if they're better than their translations. Reading the books in Dutch, but seeing the movies in English (Dutch-speaking territories make it a habit of subtitling movies rather than dubbing them - except those for the small children) felt like such an out-of-sync kinda thing I had to give them a go. I took the hardcover editions with adult version covers. They have an awesome quality of production, and just based on that I already recommend them. 

So I have a lot of reading to do. I'll be sure to write down any major feelings about the books later. 

On the gaming side of things, I just bought MK Arkade Kollektion (officialy it's arcade Kollection, but I'm all for consistency, so f*ck you, Netherrealm Studios).  I have yet to play 'em.

That concludes my short but sweet first blog. I enjoyed writing it. 


- Nils